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U.S. Food Waste Crisis

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Most restaurants throw the food away rather than donate it because of lawsuits if anyone gets sick. Though they would like to donate the food it is too much of a risk for them. Although I agree that the food should be donated I understand as well where they are coming from.
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It's so easy to donate food to a shelter, food pantry, church, or the homeless people right outside your restaurant and grocery store doors. There is no excuse for waste!
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There is big problem with the amount of food wasted and instead of being decomposed, it produces even more greenhouse gases. This leads to a worse environment regarding the air as well as the soil.
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I totally agree that we waste a lot of food but i can't see how dumpster diving can be sanitary ..you don't know what people did to it prior to throwing it out.. i.e spitting in the trash bag.
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The problem is people in the US too lazy to shop for the day, instead they go shop for the whole week and by the weekend half of the Groceries are turned bad
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Grocers who throw away food are making a purely economic choice, making room for fresher, prettier products that will sell better. They even lock up their dumpsters to prevent people from reclaiming that food, thinking that if people"steal" it, they won't come in and buy it
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Food waste is a global problem in many ways. Farmers don't even harvest food that isn't perfect, because grocers won't buy it, because consumers won't choose it.
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Food waste landfills is one of the largest man made sources of methane and H2S (a strong greenhouse gas). Once thrown into a landfill food waste will not decompose and instead adds to the toxic soup in the landfill
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Our food waste contains huge amounts of valuable nutrients that should be returned to our soils as compost to enrich our soils and help grow more food.
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The problem with the incredibly large amounts of food waste that we see these days is that 97% of the food that's wasted ends up in landfills (according to the Environmental Protection Agency).

If you were to throw an apple on the side of the road, the apple would of course cause no environmental harm. When we look at landfills on the other hand, the food waste is crammed together and buried so much that oxygen can't allow this food to naturally biodegrade. When the food can't naturally biodegrade, it emits Methane Emissions, a gas that's 25 times more potent than CO2 over a 100-year period, which brings in the consequences for our planet.
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Our food waste contains huge amounts of valuable nutrients that should be returned to our soils as compost to enrich our soils and help grow more food. It's such a natural simple cycle which our 'developed' world has lost sight of.
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Composting at home is an ideal solution as it allows us to keep the value in our own food 'waste' and promote healthy soils to grow healthy food in our own gardens.
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Laziness and convenience has encouraged people to see leftover food as 'waste' but we need to change this view!!! Composting needs to become the norm for all our society's food waste.
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This is just daunting mainly due to the fact that there are so many starving individuals who could use all this food.
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Not only does this waste attract vermin, it emits odors and liquids that are toxic to the environment. The methane gas generated from food waste is 20 to 25 times more potent than CO2.
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