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The Gather Online Book Club.


The Books chosen for this book club, will consist of new releases, as well, older, modern classics that every person should read in their lifetime.

I will announce a new set of books every week, yet the gatherings will remain active for a month, in order for the readers to have more time to read, and discuss each book.

If anyone does have any questions, or recommendations, please do feel free to mention them.

The first two books for the month will be;

Faithful - Alice Hoffman.
Lolita - Vladimir Nabakov.
(Lolita, might make some uncomfortable. This is why I have chosen to tackle this one first.)

Good luck, and Enjoy.
2 y
I loved Lolita, Nabakov is a genius. I am looking forward to reading it again.
2 y
Such a great way to use gather online!! Lolita was stunning, excited to get a hold of faithful.
2 y