Philippines President Duterte Cracks Ugly ‘Joke’

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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has made another flippant remark about rape and this time suggesting that the alarming rate of sexual assault in his hometown was due to the high number of attractive women who live there.

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The Filipino president's comment was seemed to be in jest but the Philippines president, who is known to make off-the-cuff and inflammatory comments, has sparked outrage in the past for glib remarks about sexual violence once again. He joked last year about taking personal responsibility for soldiers who rape up to three women and in 2016, then a presidential hopeful, spoke in jest about the 1989 rape and murder of an Australian missionary in Davao City, saying that as the city’s mayor, he should’ve been “first” in line.
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Do you think Rodrigo Duterte needs to get schooled on the proper behavior for politicians? What do you think about his behavior and how he conducts himself as a president of a country?
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I don't know if there is another president like him. His words are not befitting a president. He represents his country and not just himself so I think he should be more polished in his ways.
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Their president is in dire need of manners! He cusses in public and degrades women! How the hell did this man won the presidency?! I am absolutely dumbfounded!
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No matter which way you look at it, he's rude and disrespectful! His actions and his words are so inconsiderate. No wonder so many people are protesting in the Philippines.
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People know how he was even before he won. He has a potty mouth and a womanizer.
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How can the majority vote for somebody like this? This is crazy! He's just as terrible as Trump!
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How can the majority vote for somebody like this? This is crazy! He's just as terrible as Trump!
Probably a lot worse than Trump! At least Trump doesn't cuss in public like Duterte.
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I just wish people see that he is 72 years old fart and not a fucking child. He knows how offensive it is and yet he still does it. He does not care as he hates women. Look at how he treats them, as whores or as enemies.
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Grotesque. Duterte is just grotesque
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How on earth could a PRESIDENT suggest that the high sexual assault rate is due to the number of attractive women in the city?? Absolutely disgusting. And he's meant to lead the nation?? Sis man!
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Amazing how men are always so quick to objectify women
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