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ISIS, is there a solution to the conflict?


18 months ago the media was full of articles describing the ISIS organisation as the worlds largest problem. However we look at ISIS it becomes clear that the situation has many similarities to other terrorist organisations. There are number of differences too.
Looking at the humans history and our experience of terrorism, do we have any knowledge about how to resolve this type of situation?
Are there similar situations that we can draw conclusions and knowledge from?
And if so, can this knowledge guide us today, how to act in the situation with ISIS?
3 y
Some of the situations I find possible to compare to are northern Ireland (IRA), Spain (ETA), Israel/Palestine (PLO).
All are organisations within a region someone controls and they aim to take over. Also having fighters within their organisations. All using terror-methods targeting the civilian society of the enemy. All aiming to build up (not from scratch) and control their own society.
3 y