Is tipping in restaurants justified?

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Why or why not?
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I believe so.
9 d
I don't give a tip.
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I think you should realize that servers get paid 2.83 an hour where I’m from and if you don’t give them a tip then that pisses them off. Sure you don’t have to tip if they are horrible at their service but then there are people who bus their behinds off and still get stiffed. It’s just a nice thing to do and it really helps if you tip the actual amount of 20 % but that’s most likely not gonna happen. Most of the people who are servers are forced into that job because they can’t find any other job, your tips are the source of their income. Just think of that the next time you go out to eat.
9 d
I understand that they are getting a little, so I always leave a tip for them.
9 d
most waiters and waitresses don’t get paid very much, therefore , most of their salary is tips. help yo shister out and leave a fricken tip
8 d
There's no right or wrong on this. If you will give, they'll appreciate it and if not, they'll understand it. It's not a mandatory thing anyway.
8 d
I give tips because I know that the waitresses and waiters are depending on it to take home a bigger pay from their job.
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Yeah, just give them a little if you have an extra. It will help them have a bigger take home pay.
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Give if you want to, it is really up to you.
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It's not a problem to give them some tip.
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Not a problem for me. I give all the time.
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As I can see it, it is something that we all should do to help those who earn less like the servers.
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It's just a small amount. It won't hurt us that bad.
21 h
It is just a courtesy to give them a tip.
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