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$30,000 USD
in prizes for our top winners
Prizes include mentoring from CEO of an $8BN revenue company. Sounds to good to be true? Check it’s real here.
What’s WeGather and why should I care?

WeGather is the platform for valuable discussions, led by validated experts and enthusiasts, on any topic you might be passionate about. WeGather has come about in response to the manipulation of the content we see and the lack of meaningful discussions taking place online. On most of the existing social media platforms, you wouldn’t be alone in feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ‘’content’’, much of which is trivial, low quality and lacking context, if it’s not outright clickbait and fake news. You’re also over having social media companies bombard you with thinly veiled ads ads, censoring your non-mainstream views, manufacturing ideological consent and selling your data to advertisers and political organisations.

The problem all stems from the decision very early on in the internet to try and make information and content free- it sounds good, but now it is clear it’s a huge mistake. Someone is always paying, and whoever pays is in control. If the advertisers are the ones paying they are paying to control your behaviour.

We get it. It’s time to make a change, but you're not going to pay for the sake of it - paying has to make a difference for you. And the money needs to go to the ones who deserve it - the great content creators, not the advertisers. That’s why we’re about to change ýour social media experience for the better by dishing up only relevant, high quality discussions that matter to you. Just like people are willing to pay a little for Netflix because it’s better than free TV, we know that people will only be willing to pay for social content if it is truly better.

How wegather changes the game

On WeGather, only validated experts and enthusiasts who can show that they know what they are talking about get to lead discussions, and those who rise in the ranks for the best discussions, based on your vote, can start to monetise their contributions, via donations from their followers, or by offering paid discussions, subscription communities, or paid private chats.

This patronage model also means we don’t need to run ads. While the WeGather service is free, (as are most public discussions), users can also choose to back their favourite content providers through donations or by paying to access their exclusive premium discussions. That means our users will always be in control of what happens on WeGather, rather than large corporate advertisers. If you want to stop being manipulated on the internet, and put the power back in your hands, then join the WeGather movement.

What do I have to do to win?
“Bring your people and get on over to WeGather - the platform for discussions that really matter.”
All you need to do is get the word out that we’re all moving across to WeGather - the platform for discussions that really matter. We are a platform where leaders are rewarded, and we mean what we say so lets see if you can lead your followers to WeGather and get as many sign ups as you can.

To get going, you need to sign up to WeGather and get the referral link on your profile page. Then send out your message to the world, using your unique code as the link to sign up, so we will know which new users came through you.

  • If you are one of the top 10 referrers you win
  • If you referred the overall winner, or you referred the person that referred the winner you also win
  • Each referral you make (including your own signup) gets you an extra entry into a draw to win!

You can also get extra signups added to your total in the following ways:
1. You will get bonus signups added on for making social posts using viral loops
2. If anyone you refer applies and is a approved, as a discussion leader, you will get 20 bonus signups
3. If you apply to create a new public community for a subject you know a lot about, and it is approved, you will get 50 bonus signups

Be savage and be rewarded

Aside from the grand prize of $20 000 for the overall winner, the top ten will win big mystery cash prizes, while second and third places get the bonus prize of being mentored by Brett Dawson, our Chairman, who ran an $8Bn revenue company and runs a venture capital fund looking for new projects, (so you can even pitch your idea if you want.).
Just for referring the winner you get $2000, and if you referred the person that referred the winner you get $1000.
So go on, refer some people. They might know someone who ends up being the winner, which means $1k for you!
And each referral also puts you into the draw for a BIG mystery cash prize!

Stuff you really need to know to take part in the competition

1) The competition runs until 5 March 2019. We will only count your best 30 days (they do not need to be consecutive) between when you joining and 5 March 2019 (the competition has been extended due to a large number of people discovering us recently and wanting to participate). So if you didn’t know about the competition on day 1, you still get a fair shot. Whoever has the highest total wins.
2) Fake signups and bots will be removed from your total signup count. Our decision on whether any signup is a bot is final.
3) We are targeting global growth so at least 50% of your sign-up count needs to come from either the US, EU, Canada, UK, AUS, New Zealand or South Africa. If more than 50% comes from other countries we won’t count those extra ones.
4) For any brand assets or marketing materials to promote downloads, please download from here.

Other terms and conditions
5) The winners will be announced and payment will be made by direct transfer or Paypal.
6) Any unclaimed prize money will go to the Foundation for Rare Diseases.
7) We reserve the right to disqualify anyone for fraudulent or illegal activity, or any activity that causes damage to our company’s reputation. We understand you can’t control 100% what people do with your referral code, but intentional deception won’t be tolerated.
8) Any costs or expenses incurred by entrants to this competition are their responsibility in full.
9) The winners of the competition will be published on this page and on our social media pages.

10) The competition is governed by the state of New South Wales Australia. If you are a minor and live in a country or state where parental consent is required to enter into such a competition, then this must be established.

How can I look into the official company details?
You will find us listed on the Australian Securities and Investment Commission as Gather Online Pty Ltd ABN 76 138 111 501.

How do I contact you, if I have problems or questions?