Why Wegather Is The Perfect Platform For Horror Fans - Fantastic Job, David Price And Michael Van Andel

From those horrible blood thirsty vampires to all the reincarnated corpses posing as zombies, the entire genre of horror movies revolve around playing on the audience’s primal fears. By inducing an overwhelming feeling of eeriness and pain caused by something shocking, terrifying, or revolting; these movies make their audience’s blood curdle depending upon the thing they fear or are intimidated by the most. While some people claim these movies to be more funny than scary, others can’t help but to watch them over and over again for the sake of some spine chilling, ‘I am braver than I look’ action. Encompassing innumerable sub genres, this genre of horror movies is one of the most widely growing movies genre generating an even wider fan base. A fan base so contrasting that people needed an actual platform to share their thoughts and insights about all their favorite movies freely in order to fully appreciate the brilliance of this genre.

David Price and Michael van Andel provided for their horror-loving users a perfect platform to discuss about all the various types of vampires, warewolves, zombies, beasts and scary as hell clowns leaving them having nightmares; in the form of WeGather. A platform that enables its users to connect with people from all over the world to either talk about the devil possessing young Regan in “The exorcist” or the shape-shifting murderous clown that emerges from the sewers every 27 years to prey on kids from “It.” WeGather allows its users to reach out to people who not only embrace this genre of movie making but also support it regardless the more often than not terrible acting, missing plot holes and cheap effects. WeGather also makes its users become more tolerant to one another by encouraging agreement over disagreement. If watching helpless Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne fight for their possessed son by a malevolent entity, does not scare someone it must not mean that they are not a true horror movies fan. Maybe their threshold of getting scared is different than someone else’s.

David Price and Michael van Andel really outdid themselves upon the development of a site like WeGather. Bestowing upon their users the ability of freely expressing themselves regarding their likes, dislikes and general interests only to end up meeting tons of new people sharing the same ideologies, they left their peers far behind in globalizing friendship. Unlike Facebook, where sharing something horror related offends off people who’d rather watch those delusional rom-com videos instead or whatsapp, where even talking about the horror movies is deemed inappropriate. Nevertheless, the true joys of being a horror fan get multiplied upon coming across people who not only understand your obsession with this genre but also share it with you. So let it be dreading over that evil spirit influencing Jack Torrance and his son Danny into near psychosis in “The shining” or fearing the possibility of an alien invasion killing all human life form in “The alien”; as long as you have WeGather to talk about it with your friends, no bedbugs can bite you!