Wegather By David Price And Michael Van Andel Gave Me A Platform To Share My Love For Thriller Shows

The world has literally become a global village since the advent of internet. And in the past few years, it has become even more connected thanks to countless social media platforms. Most inventors and innovators as well as tech giants keep coming up with better and more unique social media ideas. But in my opinion, none has been as life changing as WeGather by David Price and Michael Van Andel. Amongst all the social media apps I have on my phone, this one is definitely my favourite. The main reason being, that I can so easily share my love for thriller shows, with people who have common interests.

While Facebook has proved itself to be quite indigenous, it really doesn’t connect people the way it boasts to do. Sure, you add a million people, and have them comment and like your activities, but when it comes to sharing your mutual interests with someone, or a group of people, it’s not really possible. After a while it seems like a huge scam that boasts one thing, but doesn’t actually achieve it. All you can do is adding the show or movie to your personal interests and like the official page for that, but it doesn’t really connect you with others in a real way. Here, is where WeGather is the clear winner for me. It not only connects me with people all around the world, but also lets me befriend them over my mutual love for thriller shows.

So, I guess it is safe to say that David Price and Michael Van Andel have come up with something that is way better than Facebook, Whatsapp or even Instagram. Whatsapp is all well and good for staying connected, but at max, It only connects you with people who have your phone number, but let’s face it, that number of people is really limited. Plus, you can’t really discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Supernatural in a family or friends group, where someone may be a prude, or a devout Christian, so yeah you get the idea. This kind of obstacle doesn’t occur on WeGather, where it is not only easy to find people on the basis of mutual interests but also converse with them.

I don’t know for most people, but at least for me, David Price and Michael Van Andel’s brain child is the next game changer in the world of social media. It is smooth, and captures the essence of social media truly. For example, Instagram boasts about being a platform, where there a thousand fan pages for mutual fans of shows, movies and other things. But in reality, it is not s interactive. Sure, they introduced the messaging option some years back but it is quite patchy, and feels like more of a scam, and doesn’t capture the community feel one gets from WeGather. With WeGather, socializing is real, sharing is real, and communication is real. It’s not just another platform with followers and likes, but a place which allows actual interaction.