Thanks, David Price And Michael Van Andel - Now I Can Enjoy Realtime Stranger Things Chats Online

When you are a teenager, and an introvert, other than books, the best thing to have ever hit mankind is Netflix. There is no other thing that can compare with the joy of watching a geeky show on Netflix, and discussing it with your friends later on. However, not all your friends are hooked on the same shows, and even if they are, you don’t have access to them in the wee hours of a Saturday night when they prefer to party around, while your prefer to climb in bed with a hot chocolate and binge watch your favorite show. Ever since Stranger Things came out, I’ve been hooked on it. I had joined every forum on internet that talked about Stranger Things, subscribed to all the fan scripts and fan websites, and my favorite pastime was discussing the show or speculating where the storyline was heading.

One time, while scouring the internet, I came across a forum post where a member had mentioned how he had an amazing time talking to people on WeGather about Stranger Things. I instantly Googled it and realized it was a new social media platform –but wait, don’t we have enough of those already? And aren’t these new, nameless ones more of a scam? I soon realized WeGather was far from a scam. It was a very sophisticated, highly developed platform that focused on quality of interaction over quantity of connections. Founded by Michael Van Andel and David Price, this platform operated in a very new way. WeGather offered you topics of interest, where you could chat with likeminded people about the things you were passionate about. What made this different from any other forum topics was that you could chat live, and the topics had a time limit, after which they vanished. This ensured great, active participation from all members, and unlike Facebook, where you rarely talked to your friends, people actually talked to each other on this platform! I must say, it is a great idea by Michael van Andel and David Price!

As soon as I signed up on this website, guess what I did first? Look for a Stranger Things chat! Yes! The community was amazing –from leading fan fiction to summaries and discussions on episodes, the actors, the production –the chats were so varied, it was completely addictive! Compared to this, all other social media I used seemed like a scam –I rarely ever talked to people on my Google+ or Facebook list and Whatsapp was for family only. Compared to this, WeGather was getting me in touch with new people, who were not in my immediate social circle, but who shared similar interests and passions. And the exchange with them was so fulfilling, it gave me many enjoyable weekend nights. An introvert like me absolutely loved this approach to social media –Thank you Michael van Andel and David Price!