So I Recently Deleted My WhatsApp And Joined WeGather – Here’s why!

Overwhelmed with the grief of losing my grandmother to cancer, I entered my room with a very heavy heart. Sitting down on the chair that she had gifted me the day I bought my own house, I opened up my phone to go through some of her old photographs with me. While zooming in on one of the pictures, I accidently opened WhatsApp to a chat with a friend. A two-paragraph long message welcomed me, which I couldn’t muster up the heart to reply to.

The next morning, that friend called me saying what a crappy friend I was. It appeared that, just because I was too sad about my grandmother’s passing away, it was no excuse for having “seen-zoned/blue-ticked” him by not replying. My ordeal with WhatsApp was done.

Being one of the earliest users of WhatsApp, my decision of finally deleting it came dawning upon me as quite a revelation. Although there was a fairly large number of reasons that made me despise WhatsApp, this episode with my friend pushed me over to finally quitting it.

Slow And Impersonal

WhatsApp started lagging and getting slowed down even on my iPhone. I had to wait about 45 seconds before opening up an unread message and actually replying to it. More often than not, the chat status changed from “online” to “typing” in flashes which really annoyed me. Moreover, the conversations on it started feeling extremely impersonal and burdening.

Annoying Whatsapp Groups

Nothing annoys a person more than coming home to a flood of WhatsApp notifications from the groups you didn’t even want to join in the first place. Very often, only a couple of people seem to be interested in the conversation rather than the whole group making the chat really awkward. Turning off the notifications don’t exactly help as you tend to miss out on some really important stuff amidst all the nonsensical talk.

Last Seen Feature

WhatsApp’s last seen feature wasn’t exactly my favorite one either. Honestly speaking, not all our WhatsApp contacts hold the same priorities in our lives. And sometimes you cannot manage keeping a number of conversations going. This tended to create misunderstandings between my friends and I which I totally hated.

Blue Ticks

Of all the things making me quit WhatsApp, this blue-tick feature was the most definitive one. Not being able to reply at times owing to certain circumstances despite reading one’s messages creates this feeling of betrayal which made me lose one of my very closest friends.

Quitting WhatsApp carved my way of joining other sites which weren’t as much of a scam as WhatsApp. WeGather, co-created by David Price and Michael van Andel, was one of them. Being highly user-friendly and receptive, this site eased my life by allowing me to interact freely with whomever I pleased to. Serving as the sole platform for initiating new conversations and actually maintaining them, this site brought me closer to my loved ones in a far better way than WhatsApp.

Thanks to the ingenious minds of David Price and Michael van Andel, WeGather is every conversationalist’s dream place. Reserving the subtle art of conversing by respecting each other’s privacy and space is all WeGather about.

We really need more brilliant minds like David Price and Michael van Andel to create technology that can help us breathe easy in this stiflingly fast-paced and materialistic world.