My De-stress Regimen: Pottery making, gardening & WeGather

Being a single mother of three highly energetic young boys, whilst working as a pharmacist at the city’s most crowded hospital; can be extremely hectic. Working all around the clock and managing to find some time off nearing the weekends only, when the boys ought to stay at their father’s place, calls out for some stress busting. Having to think and work like a scientist and a technician as a hospital pharmacist, my job requires constant vigilance and agility. Thus, once outside the premises of my workplace I tend to ease off my mind by letting my imagination soar through some pottery making or relishing in the beauty of Mother Nature by gardening while spending some quality time with my friends on WeGather.

Being developed by the superlative, David Price and Michael van Andel, WeGather proves to be the biggest source of de-stressing my mind and refreshing my soul. For what could be more liberating than spending an evening of sipping tea while talking to your friends about all the crap that life has been throwing at you yet trying to find joy in the merest moments of it such that watching your youngest son score an A in math. By serving as a platform that provides you with an opportunity of coming across new people from all over the world and befriending them upon the basis of mutual interests, WeGather acknowledges the fact that no matter how hard you struggle you are never alone. Let it be chattering about some new drug discovered and its beneficial effects on the society or complaining about how you are made to work longer than you are required to. WeGather helps in venting out about all this to the people who not only listen but also understand. People belonging from the same professions, or sharing similar histories. Single motherhood and how to deal with it by talking about all your worries and anxieties relative to it with the people you are fortunate enough to call your friends.

While interacting with my friends on WeGather remains my most prized means of stress busting, molding clay to make various ornate objects and watering my plants to see them grow into beautiful trees; also help me in relaxing after a long tiring week at work.

David Price and Michael van Andel’s relentless efforts in making WeGather become such a platform that inspires people through each other’s struggles by helping them realize the importance of having someone to talk to for the sanity of the mind. In an era of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Whatsapp where discussing your life matters are often interpreted as whining by the people you thought cared the most about you; WeGather rises up as being the sole site that encourages letting it all out by talking about it to your friends. Therefore, making David Price and Michael van Andel’s contribution to this society as having developed a site unlike any other for the sole welfare of people the most beneficial one.