How Wegather Helped Me Find Fellow Metal Fans - All Thanks To David Price And Michael Van Andel

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only metal fan in the world that has a hard time getting their friends and family to appreciate this genre of music, let alone enjoy listening to it with them. It is so irritating and rather frustrating when they tell you, ‘it’s just noise.’

No it’s not. And even though it may be too loud for most people’s liking, it is almost therapeutic for those whom it resonates with. Anyway, feeling rather isolated – I followed plenty of metal fan pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Initially, I enjoyed the music videos etc. that were posted but I soon felt the same feeling of being isolated when it came to my love for metal. No one would comment on the posts on Facebook, there was no interaction and Twitter was even worse with a maximum of two or three updates per month.

When I shared my disappointment with a cousin of mine who is a metal fan too but lives in a time zone where it’s impossible for us to be able to enjoy it together – he introduced me to WeGather which is a brilliant initiative by Michael Van Andel and David Price to bring likeminded people together.

Unlike other social media platforms where you just add people or follow them and never actually talk, WeGather encourages and in fact places its entire concept on conversation and building friendships. I have been very lucky to have found tons of fellow metal fans some of whom have become my close friends.

What’s even better is that I was introduced to metal music I had never listened to before and probably wouldn’t have ever had it not been for my friends made at WeGather. I cannot appreciate Michael Van Andel and David Price for their idea enough because in a world that’s becoming increasingly anti-social, platforms like WeGather are much needed to restore real conversations and friendships.

I would like to emphasize on the word ‘real’ here because I often hear criticism for online friendships in the sense that you never meet these people, you don’t even know whose on the other side and that it makes no real difference in your life.

I used to believe the same until I found so many people who lived so close to me and who were ALSO metal fans which is a win-win for me. With time we have become so close that we make it a point to meet and catch up often. And of course, sharing new metal music or just rejoicing listening to our old classic all-time favorites is a big part of these meet-ups.

It’s safe to say that Michael Van Andel and David Price have helped fill a big void in my life and it’s amazing to finally have people who can relate to me when I go on and on about how brilliant metal music is.