How A Chef From New York Taught Me To Make Perfect Milkshakes On WeGather

A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. This was a diagnosis which came very late, because I had suffered from this all my life. Reactive hypoglycemia is a condition where your body hits dangerously low sugar levels right after a meal. Usually, the symptoms are experienced within four hours of eating –dizziness, headaches, fainting spells etc. I had intuitively corrected this low by eating more sugar –which was an even worse move, because the sugar would lead to an instant high, followed by a sugar crash that lowered the blood sugar level even more. Two times I had to be rushed to the ER…

It took me a long time to understand what this diagnosis meant –it meant I had to rethink the way I handled food, and I had to change my likes and preferences. Anything with a high glycemic index was off the list –sugary things, ice-cream, milkshakes, breads, rice, and carbohydrates. It meant changing my menu and learning new recipes, and I was totally stressed out –because I was living in New Jersey, I was still in grad school and I had no family around. At such a time, I found out about WeGather from a friend in college, and it became my savior. WeGather was a new social media platform, founded by Michael Van Andel and David Price, and unlike many of the new scam platforms emerging out there, this one was real gold! I created a profile and started linking up with people –mostly on health groups and support groups. I was looking for something to clutch on, to connect with people who have been in my place and have battled with this seemingly little diagnosis that makes life ever so difficult!

The community I found on WeGather was amazing. Not only did this community help me manage my condition, it also gave me valuable knowledge and resources that helped me build a new lifestyle. This was a website that was very different from Google+ or Facebook because it relied on temporary topics which had an expiry date –you connected with people under these topics, and you actually talked to them! My greatest asset was Julia, an amazing chef from New York who brought a lot of things back in my life –she taught me amazing recipes for making milkshakes –all with ingredients that amounted to a low glycemic index, satisfied my cravings for milky drinks and also kept me healthy. She also taught me many other recipes for breads, cakes and muffins –all of which complied with the diet chart set by my physician. It was amazing. If it wasn’t for Michael Van Andel and David Price’s innovative idea, I would’ve never met people like Julia. This is a platform which is no scam –your connections and friends are people you actually interact with, instead of being a random number on your list. Thanks Michael Van Andel and David Price!