Getting Real-Time Reviews For Latest Movies - All On ONE Platform!

Watching movies is perhaps the most widely practiced form of pass times. The sheer number of dollars that are earned by the movie industry is all because of people like you and me who love to watch great movies. However, not all movies turn out to be great, and it actually feels like our money went down the drain. Plus, there is all this time that one invests in going to the movies. Most of us use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter to find out if a movie is worth watching, but then again, is it really efficient? Well, worry not, since David Price and Michael Van Andel have come up with something explosive to help you there, and that is called WeGather.

Unlike Facebook, where you can only really ask people after they have watched the movie through their statuses, WeGather allows a real time review of the movie, this way, you can be driving to the movies, and know if you should turn your car around and go back home, or proceed to watch the movie. In any case, WeGather has brought so many people together on mutual interests. And helps people learn about what kind of movie or show it really is, before you actually invest time and money on it. David Price and Michael Van Andel have basically come up with something that is the best of all social media platforms.

WeGather is far more interactive than Instagram or Twitter. On Instagram, we can only follow the page of a particular movie, or read people’s comments on pots, but does that really give us an insight on how a movie truly is? Since it is not very interactive, we only get a vague idea of what the movie is like. Moreover, with so many people commenting, there are going to be so many mixed opinions, that it may get confusing for one to decide if it the movie is really worth watching. Contrary to this, on WeGather, you can actually connect with people based on mutual interests. This way, you connect with people who have a higher chance of liking movies that you like, or may like, and hence you may get a more solid opinion about a movie.

David Price and Michael Van Andel have basically built o the idea of real communication. On Facebook, you may have many friends, and they may be watching a movie with you. Hence, it is not always the best place to look for honest and real time movie reviews that will inform you whether a movie is worth the investment. WeGather is basically like a community, a forum, a chat room and a discussion platform all rolled into one. So if you want some real social media and want to interact with people from all around the globe, WeGather is actually the best bet. With all it’s amazing features and flexibility, WeGather is bound to be the next big thing, maybe even replacing Facebook and Instagram in the coming years.