Discussing My Love For Sports With My Awesome WeGather Friends

If there is anything that drives me it’s my love of volleyball. It is something that excites me every day, keeps me going and gives me a reason to challenge myself. Two years ago, I moved to a quaint town in Mexico when the company I worked with put me in a cross-border position. And while I loved exploring the new surroundings and people, I was slowly sinking in to depression because of the lack of familiarity in the environment around me. The food was different, people were different and in our little town, I could hardly find someone who liked playing volleyball. My evening trips to the sports complex saw me trying to teach volleyball to some random, interested teenagers. Because everywhere around me, people were either hooked on baseball, boxing or on football.

I was used to playing volleyball for 2 hours on every alternate day. The lack of teammates and likeminded people resulted in me solitarily working out on gym machines and treadmills. It was then when I came across WeGather –the innovative new social media platform started by Michael Van Andel and David Price. I had heard about them before as well where someone had claimed they were a scam, but when I looked into it myself, this website intrigued me from the start. Once I made my profile and entered my interests; it took me to a whole new world! In front of me were lots of topic forums, discussing volleyball teams, training techniques, volleyball gear and what not! WeGather picked up on my interests and connected me with likeminded people who also loved to chat about the same things.

Every evening, I sat on my computer, chatting away about my love for volleyball. I followed all the league matches, and found virtual companions to discuss them with. The best thing about WeGather was how the topics always had an expiry date. Once a topic had been up for long enough, it expired and vanished. This meant the threads were always fresh, and people always contributed in time, rather than procrastinating, which led to a feeling of real life, meaningful interactions. The way Michael Van Andel and David Price had approached social media was very different, because compared to Facebook and other social media platforms, the friendships you made here actually relied on connection, rather than passive newsfeeds. In fact, now that I look back, my Facebook friend list seems like a scam –I had 600 friends but none I really chatted with or connected with!

The best part was when we even arranged a live meetup! All of my volleyball cyber buddies decided to travel to my town I Mexico, and spend Thanksgiving together! WeGather is the best thing that has happened to me. Not only did it help me not shrink into loneliness, it connected me with a band of lifetime friends who share my love for volleyball! Thankyou Michael Van Andel and David Price –you truly make all other social media seem like a scam!