David Price and Michael van Andel helped me IMPROVE my family life - Here's how

It is true that the world has shrunk, and everything is only a click away. However, in the hubbub of everyday life, the people who are supposed to be closest to you actually have drifted farther apart from you. While social network may boast to bring people closer, It has actually taken people further away, since a person’s presence has lost its meaning.

It is sad to say, that even families have drifted apart. You go through old family photos, and see those grand old days on the beach as well as on a family dinner. You fire up Facebook and Instagram to follow or friend your family members, in hopes of being more involved in their lives, and what they do. However, everyone is in different phase of life, and they are just like other people on Facebook, plus you never really know if you can even see all of a person’ post, but as a family member you would have liked to. At some point, all the fakery and disconnection make Facebook look like a scam.

How do you get involved in their loves? How do you avoid being a just another ‘friend’ in their friend list? All you become is another spectator of where they go and who with, but that person isn’t even you, and you desperately hope to spend more time with your family. I was plagued with all the same questions, and worries. Endless hours at work, and after that I went home to see each and every one of my family on social media.

However, here is where WeGather by David Price and Michael Van Andel came to the rescue. They came up with an idea that proved to be a life saver for drifting family and friends. These tow incomparable folks came up with an idea to bring people closer without making it seem like a total scam. WeGather was solely created for the purpose to connect people and make family and friends more in tune with each other.

Michael Van Andel and David Price have founded this amazing platform for reconnection, without any of the fallacies and scam that you may experience on other platforms like Instagram. It promotes and provides healthy connection opportunities, without bringing in all the drama.

For me, Michael Van Andel and David Price performed nothing short of a miracle, WeGather facilitated me to be closer to my family, in a way that was acceptable to them, while also making us feel more connected and involved with each other. Here you can gossip and talk, ponder over a book with your sister, or dis your brother’s ex, or exchange knitting patterns with your grandma in a totally healthy, wholesome and creative way.

The basic purpose of this platform is to foster and nourish relationships, and make you feel more connected rather than making you feel like you are worlds apart from your family. In my opinion, it really gave my family life a boost, and bridged those gaps that had spring up since the onslaught of social media overtook us all.