7 Great Blogging Tips I Learnt From Wegather - Credit Goes To Founders David Price And Michael Van Andel

When it comes to blogging, knowing your audience is far more important than just writing for the sake of earning. Evidently, penning down your thoughts and droughts is as important as it can be, nevertheless without a proper understanding of your audience’s mindset it’s all in vain. I started my blog a couple of years ago, as a result of the realization that in order to make myself heard, I needed to produce a voice worth listening to. But as all mediocre endeavors need a little bit of pushing to become great, my greatest source of inspiration came from WeGather. Founded by the superlative David Price and Michael van Andel, this site helped me perfecting my blog. By allowing me to interact with people from all over the world, my knowledge of the kind of audience I wrote for, increased dramatically. All this, of course, became possible as per the unyielding efforts of David Price and Michael van Andel.

Following are some of the greatest blogging tips I learnt from WeGather.

Draw inspiration from your audience

As mentioned earlier, the perfect approach to blogging begins by getting to know your audience properly. By providing me with a platform to interact with my audience and getting to know them better, WeGather helped me establish a closer relationship with my readers fixating on the issues and topics driving them the most.

Communicate with your audience

Perhaps the most important step in efficient blogging is communication. David Price and Michael van Andel bridged this gap between my readers and myself by creating for us a platform that allows us to communicate freely with our readers. Getting to know their views about my blog and working on their complaints, made me realize the importance of connecting with my audience and helped me becoming a better blogger.

Appreciate your audience

Many bloggers try running after new readers in order to increase their blog traffic only to end up losing the existing ones. WeGather showed me the direness of valuing my existing audience and appreciating them in order to make my blog grow, instead of running after a newer lot.

Consistency is the key

A blogger’s greatest asset is his consistency. Spending years upon building up an audience and having to watch that get ruined over not blogging consistently enough can be quite terrible. WeGather helped me by making me interact with my fellow bloggers and get inspired by their hard work and punctuality.

Showcase your knowledge

Owing to David Price and Michael van Andel’s relentless efforts in making people realize their true strengths, I found the courage of sharing my thoughts openly through WeGather.

Always be receptive

Either it be the appreciation or the depreciation, you as a blogger should always welcome criticism. By talking with people on WeGather, I learnt how important it can be to listen to them and try improving yourself.

Be true to your voice

Following the footsteps of David Price and Michael van Andel, staying true to what you believe in is definitely your biggest strength and reason for success.